Something worth sharing - for those who like birds

Following up on a comment from our old friend Tony
“Further news is that the ADU VMs are closing down”
and not knowing what that meant I resorted to Google and found these lovely shots from Yzerfontein.
I remember first going up the West Coast when quite young and the beauty of a fishing village of just a few houses on an unspoiled coastline.
So I could identify with the opening lines by Les Underhill: “To a 72-year old arriving in Yzerfontein in 2019, the most striking thing about the place is how much it has grown.”

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I had that impression about one or two birdy places in NZ although the time between visits was only about 13 years. Wondering how long the increase in development would take to dissuade the waders from coming back and if it would just be a switch to more generalist species and invasives.

Nice ‘Heads-Up’, thanks, M. That is a nice piece of writing in the link. I believe a resident journalist (annual OU award?) in iSpot could work wonders for Citizen Science and iSpot @Janice_A ?


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Fortunately, Mike The West Coast National Park is just a bit higher up the coast, and the Langebaan Lagoon site still has many unspoiled areas for birding.
See my project - which I think includes Ysterfontein.
Check the Satellite view to see the development around Langebaan - amazing to see the light pollution which could be seen from Stoffbergsfontein/ Churchhaven at night.
Wondering if we could/should send an invitation to them to link to iSpot?