Sometimes iSpot really takes one to the location

amazing places.
Take a visit with me @miked @JoC @dejayM @Rachel_R - bring a picnic - can’t invite too many the beach is quite small - the Bee Eaters nest in the cliffs above

This Asparagus is on the SA redlist but growing in a spot worth visiting.
Use the Google Street view to take a walk along the beach - it really is a delightful spot.

I like the phrase “ this species ( bee eater) occurs as a spring overshoot north of its usual range” . I’m imagining the scene… “Oops, overshoot… flying too fast again….look where we’ve landed; what’s happened to our inbuilt GPS? Oh well, let’s make the best of it. Maybe The Guardian will give us a mention…”

Yes - I wondered what they meant by that - they went there regularly -
The lagoon area is really very special for birders - I remember seeing a warning sign on a car about them being likely to stop suddenly!! Twitchers