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Just to get the ball rolling again. Although it is highly frustrating not being able to see our old forum posts, but so be it at the moment.
Cerambycinae - Tillomorphini - Capederces
New species: Capederces madibai Maquart & van Noort 2017 (Eastern Cape).

Maquart P-O & van Noort S. 2017. Description of a new species of Capederces (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae) from South Africa. Zootaxa 4244 (4): 583–587.

Additions to the Tenebrionidae - Alleculinae

Genus Cylindrothorus Solier, 1844
Cylindrothorus atra (Pic, 1952) = Othelecta atra Pic, 1952 Namibia
Cylindrothorus atrometallicus Pic 1952 Namibia
Cylindrothorus fasciculatus Pic, 1952 Namibia
Cylindrothorus braunsi Pic, 1952 Cape –Willowmore

Genus Ectenostoma Müller 1887
Ectenostoma apicale Müller 1887, Zambesi
Ectenostoma sericeum Borchmann 1930 Salisbury

Add Genus
Genus Helopsisomira Pic 1952
Helopsisomira kochi Pic, 1952 Cape – Elands Bay

Doto splendidissima

12 July 2016 - 11:53AM Jessica Toms
Sea Slug Atlas
Confidence I’m as sure as I can be.
Notes Pola, M. and Gosliner, T.M., 2015. A new large and colourful species of the genus Doto (Nudibranchia: Dotidae) from South Africa. Journal of Natural History, 49(41-42), pp.2465-2481.

iSpot doesn’t have Chaperia in Bryozoa…

and I would like to suggest Sunset Nudi as a common name for Catriona casha.

arrgh! it’s so slow! and the location names not being remembered is such a pain! and the lack of preview when confirming is so stupid! Should I be saying these things every day do you think?

where do dictionary updates go on iSpot these days?
I have just IDed a bryozoan Membranipora rustica WORMS:
but iSpot hasn’t heard of the genus…

georgina jones
southern underwater research group

Thank you, Mike. I picked up this one upon publication. I’ve added it to my master list, but that was only after I had submitted the “current” updates for the “pending” dictionary update. This species will hence appear only on iSpot in the distant future, and then via Zodatsa.

Tony can explain Zodatsa much better than I could.

The other species in the genus, Capederces hauseri Adlbauer, 2001, is in the dictionary already.

The immediately preceding comment should have been placed quite in another place. I think I’m doing something wrong.

Yeah, thanks again, Mike. Besides being completely unable to identify them, I am also still battling the genera and species of the Alleculinae.


I’ve got a total of eight Cylindrothorus species, some of which to be loaded into the iSpot dictionary not later than February or March 2015. I’ve got all yours. Please note that gender congruence makes Othelecta atra Pic --> Cylindrothorus ater (Pic).

Helopsisomira kochi Pic:

Gottit. Tribe, subtribe, genus and species waiting to be uploaded. Any day now, I think someone said.


Here I have a problem. You can help me by telling me from where you got those two names that you listed. My best synoptic reference is Borchmann (1910) (Coleopterorum Catalogus Vol. 3), which I have not mined yet, and which will obviously not include your species from 1930. The original SABIF list with which iSpot began yonks ago includes 56 Ectenostoma species, but I have deliberately left them in abeyance until I’ve checked all of them. Hence only the genus and no species is on iSpot presently. That original list was vrot of mistakes.

I cannot tell whether 56 Ectenostoma species for southern Africa are an unrealistically large number, since I have no idea at all what these beetles are or how they look.

Please let me know your source. I realise it was a couple of months ago already.


I’m doing something wrong or this program is stupid. The immediately preceding comment [as of now] should be quite up there and not down here. Perhaps when someone reads this everything have sorted themselves out. Or not. Or worse.

Tony, you sent me a spreadsheet of selected Crustacea to check on 2016-10-25. I never got round to it. But here is an opportunistic pair of corrections, please. I stumbled upon a huge paper about the Gammaridae that was published last year.


1. Please “remove” from the list by making a genus-genus synonym:

Genus Roropisa.

Roropisa G. Karaman, 1984 is a junior synonym of Victoriopisa Karaman & Barnard, 1979. The latter genus is in our list.


1. Please “remove” from the visible list this family:

Family Gammaridae.

Reason: Extralimital.

Proof: (free).

Also note that the offending genus above (Roropisa) is presently in the iSpot dixionary wrongly placed in this family. The genus should have been in Eriopisidae, where the senior synonym Victoriopisa is indeed correctly placed.


1. Note.

I have no opinion about the included species here.

1. Coda.

Don’t you agree that this program is novel in the way that it numbers an automatically numbered list?

Sorry to but in. That’s rare Tony. Where? Has it been posted? Can I see a photo?
It’s in the CoL should you wish to use it.
I do like Riaan’s Avatar

Quotes go precisely where your cursor lies - not the same lies Programmers use.
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I can only find this:

And I cannot check Seastung’s changes or tracks and I cannot use Google on the new site and …

Sorry: for the excuses: when I get a data dump of the new iSpot I will get the observation for you.

Spelling mistake in dixionary:

“Acininychinae” should be Acinonychinae.

PS: A quick & unstructured googling shows that this taxon is contested, and that it may not be valid at subfamily rank any longer. I have no knowledge. Get a tame mammal taxonomist on board, if you can find one that is not overspecialised on microtaxonomy.

Weidner H. 1976. Die Entomologischen Sammlungen des Zoologischen Instituts und des Zoologischen Museums der Universität Hamburg. Mitt. Hamburg. Zool. Mus. Inst. Band 73. 87—264. (pg 187)
Hope this helps

Nope this program is just totally disjointed - it does not understand strings or the concept thereof…

Have given link.
Will forthwith send possible Dictionary Updates that we find direct by email for your info.