Southern African Groups

Information pertaining to Groups of Organisms in southern Africa. Most importantly references, keys, lookups and updates.

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Tony - do you think this will help?
I’ve added a comment in the Lichen Project drawing attention to a comment about an ID - no longer shown as NEW though
Comments for attention:

When submitting my Grassmoth post I plugged in ‘grassmoth’ and Crambidae was autofilled but I wanted to refiine the ID to Crambinae and still call it a grassmoth but the autofill would not allow this the only available options were Cr.dae + grassmoth or Cr.nae and no common name, it would not allow me to type in the common name without it auto changing the scientific name

Scientific Name: Type Crambi and select Crambinae from list.
Common Name: Type in Grassmoth - but DO NOT select, just the text. (If you select then you will overwrite the scientific name - as it should: it cannot be otherwise)

That does it.