Springwatch 2024 OU/BBC interactive

There is a link to get the wildlife poster/interactive that OU/BBC worked on. It is rather schematic but think you can make out most of the species from the little icons, was quite a challenge creating images that would still work that small but were different enough to be obviously different species.

It looks good, Mike. Though i don’t like the wobbly way in which it is presented on the website. Where are my sea-sickness pills!

I tend to agree with that!

I see what you mean about ‘wobbly’; even the robin looks a bit eco-anxious…

Good to see the Stone Curlew icon in my neck of the woods!

Different people chose species in the various groups of organisms, some went for very rare or iconic. I did the plants and pursuaded them to stick in a few fungi too, I went for less rare but which I could tell different stories about and showed the diversity of plants and habitats.

Your approach makes good sense to me. The poster looks great.