State of nature report 2023

The report is now out and demonstration now on outside DEFRA HQ in london and various other places.
There should be a story and link to this on front page of ispot today.


Thanks. I’ve seen the link and it makes depressing reading. I’m impatient for a faster rate of improvement.

Extremely painful confirmation of what we have all been observing and many have warned about for years. Both distressing and frightening when we think of the world our grandchildren will inherit.

State of Nature Report 2023

#RestoreNatureNow is on the Mastodon social media site, eg: BrightonWildlife (@[email protected]) - Mastodon
People recording in Brighton and Hove may want to help progress this.

The #RestoreNatureNow project - launched in a fanfare of publicity at DEFRA seems to have expired! It is a dead project :parrot: There is no more, on social media at least, this month.

A huge opportunity apparently evaporating into the historic ether.