Strange glitch, possibly not important

I was trying to edit my observation at Conifer | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature
as I realised that some of the tags were redundant. But when I tried to remove a tag, it wouldn’t let me save the change because it said I had too many photos. There are 15, which is the max. But it seemed to think that there was a photo of a red elf cap, which wasn’t visible to me.
No idea what is going on.

Weirdly if you have fifteen photos it never lets you save. However, if you remove a photo and add it again it is quite happy.

That’s nice to know - there was a time when I struggled with 10.

OK, this has been reported a number of times and is mentioned in a few of whatisname’s projects
If you don’t have any of the photos handy (search files for IMG), then copy one
Remove it at the time you wish to save, then put it back, then save - works every time.
The quickest sulution is to remoce the least useful photo and keep 14, this wil save you going through the same process every time you edit.

Removing tags. You cannot remove the only or last one. You have to replace it, chose an innocent one lke rural or urban - add it then remove the OneTouWantTo