Stuck on page 1

I’ve just browsed the first page of observations, in List View. But when I then click on ‘Next’

I am taken back to the top of page 1.
If I then try to paste in a screenshot of the ‘new’ screen, the forum post hangs.
If I try to go to the gallery view, I likewise return to the top of page 1, List view.
I ‘went back in’, and tried the Gallery view - I can only see the observations that were on the first page of the List view. (I don’t use the Gallery normally, so I don’t know it that’s odd or not.)

Have just tried both list and gallery views (Chrome browser on Windows 10) and the previous and next buttons work OK here. Did you have some filters applied?

No, no filters applied. List view seems to be behaving normally now.

Sticky. This mode of browsing is often sticky. Whilst there seems no problems at the moment except its sluggishness, there is a suggestion that filtering is grinding to a halt.
It upholds my theory that something in the server forgets to clear the demand and so gradually, after a few filtering sessions, I appear to bring the site to it knees, I often log out, clear my Browsing but it makes no difference.
Browsing via Gallery view seems slightly more successful
BUT Amadan’s issue above is different. There are 96 Observations in that filter (Map view), so two pages, the second does not always seem to load or does after an extra long wait
Incidentally Map view is often the best test (for me) of how server filtering is working
As I write this, filtering is coming to a standstill. Try it on a project that has 16 pages, like
Alshuna’s first Observation