Sudden glut of horseflies

Suddenly today it seemed as if every second observation from UK and other parts of Europe was of a horsefly. Actually a fine range of the beasties but not quite so much fun when you’ve got to go out into the field for much of the next couple of weeks! Will have to find some way of dissuading them from having a snack on the hand.

I was thinking of botanising in woodlands to escape the direct heat of the sun. Perhaps it’s not the best idea. I’ve already had several insect bites these last few weeks.

Oh yes Cleggs, absolutely rampant in Orkney today. Painful, blood-drawing and dead!
I read that only the female bites…no comment.

Ashill Common norfolk this morning out in force,and hungry.

Mesmer-Eyes ing. Picture today. Always use strong antiseptic on bites where the skin is broken

We always considered them to be important pollinators - so I looked this up and found so much here
“can also be very important pollinators (e.g. Philoliche species found in South Africa – see the reference in one of my older blogs)” - links