Summary of changes in Stace 4

That’s valuable thanks.
I have the iSpotter’s version Stace II, I don’t think I need to upgrade yet…
I wish there was a Seaweed Version!

How does he deal with Compositae/Asteraceae and Fabaceae/Leguminosae I thought they had been sorted to Asteraceae and Fabaceae years ago but recently seen some hint that there is a move back to Compositae and Leguminosae.

The ICBN rule was that family names are based on the type genus name* with suffix -aceae, but a few descriptive family names were grandfathered in as optional alternatives - Compositae, Leguminosae, Labiatae, Umbelliferae, Gramineae, Palmae, Cruciferae, Guttiferae. I doubt that Stace has changed anything. I assume that the ICN hasn’t changed anything either.
I see it as a personal choice by authors, with a long term trend to the -aceae forms.

  • There are a few familiies, include Theaceae, Fabaceae, Caryophyllaceae and Winteraceae, based on genera which are not currently recognised (Thea -> Camellia, Faba -> Vicia, Caryophyllus -> Dianthus, Wintera -> Drimys).

The list of changes has Fabaceae and Asteraceae as extant.