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While we can add text comments and links to other iSpotters’ posts, there is no way to add a photograph. I have started this topic to enable me to show a photo from a book for a particular post. I hope it may be useful to others.
Copyright Laws apply. If your not sure, don’t use the material.

This is supplementary info from Hayward, P. 2001.Animals on Seaweed Richmond Publishing. page 6…

For this observation Toothed Wrack on Camus Glas | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature

Yes, it’s helpful. Thank you.
I’ve always been hesitant about including a photo from a book in case it is a breach of copyright. Does anyone know?

Brilliant idea - I always thought this might be regarded as copywrite infringement.
I see Flickr has a number of choices - I’ll see if I can show them here

Sorry - missed this - Will follow up later -
No need - lots of input from others

In UK copyright law, there are exclusions for academic use of a extracts from copyrighted material - see:

Copyright laws in the Uk may be different from those in other parts of the world. In essence, any material that is produced by someone (writing, photo, artwork, film, audio, design, sculpture etc) is copyright of the producer until 70 years after his or her death. I don’t know what the situation is with anonymous material. But it doesn’t need to have the © symbol on it to be copyright. So, for example, if I take a photo and sign it, I own the copyright until I’ve been dead for 70 years. It passes to my heirs on my death unless I have specified in my Will that someone else will hold the copyright.
As Chris says, there are some exceptions. For example, you are allowed to quote an extract from a piece of written material for the purpose of commenting on it - if you are reviewing a book for example. I think, from memory, that it has to be a ‘reasonable’ amount of material that you use. You cannot reproduce an entire article for the purpose of review. When I worked in magazine publishing, we used to limit ourselves to about 100 words, as far as I can remember.

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Putting copywrite to one side, a good plan might be to make an Observation illustrating the points we want to share. Keep track of it and link it to a comment.
Goodness, I think there is an INDEX somewhere in iSpot
But then, I wonder if anyone has thought about iSpotlighting, they do not have to be about organisms, somewhere in iSpot there is a series called iSpotlights…somewhere…
I don’t think anyone would complain about an iFocus that educates us all about some aspects of terminology - has anyone heard of iFocus?

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Thanks Chris Valentine for the information.

Shall follow your thinking @dejayM .
I like the way David displays on CASABIO the extracts from the various SA guides as well as the herbarium images.
NOTE he never shows the exact location - there are always poachers on the lookout for locations.
His link from my latest post
To compare:

ANOTHER nice touch - know your botanists
Etymology of Lachenalia: For Werner de Lachenal (1736–1800), Swiss professor of botany and anatomy at the University of Basel from 1776, eminent for his knowledge of European plants.
See link for more.
@JoC @HB1
Then following up on David’s Collection
Who is Guthrie?

The scope of his interests was diverse and ranged from a lecture titled, “The Heat of the Sun in South Africa”, in which he pointed out that it must be possible to transform solar energy into mechanical power, to aeronautics, where he was involved in the development of the first aircraft. Although dubbed the inventor of the first flying machine, no documentation of his work exists


Thanks very much JO.