Swanscombe Marshes

This is a Buglife campaign and petition, to try to save Swanscombe Marshes in Kent from being turned into a pointless theme park.

To get a feel for the place, see also for example:

It’s a brownfield site, with reasonably intact estuarine marsh, and one of a dwindling number of wild(ish) sites in this part of the world, now dominated by the malls of Bluewater (itself developed in what was once a wonderful chalk quarry) and modern housing estates. Swanscombe Man left his Skull nearby in the heritage park. It’s going going and potentially gone.

Don’t worry.
The wildlife will be back again given time.

I’ve looked at the pictures of the former theme park. Managed to keep my breakfast down: just!
And people paid money to visit it?

It looks a lot better now that the moss has covered up the worst of the dreadful paintwork.