Systematics of Hermannia L. (Malvaceae): A Taxonomic Revision of the Genus

@JoC Before I loose this - took a while to download
Should be very useful for anyone interested in Hermannia
I’ve tagged my observations ‘myHermannia’ but in view of this,
I may need to get back to them.

I like a bit of taxonomic revision… so I look forward to finding the time to a) finding out what Hermannia is and b) watching out for your id revisions.

They’re lovely flowers.
Not many on iSpot have been ‘agreed’ - not only mine!!
Went out botanising with Dave a couple of times when he was researching on the Peninsula, but only found this now.
I’ve started to look out for the some of the defining characteristics.
Must find out more about stellate hairs - and also watch out for leaf-like bracts.
STRELITZIA 29 (2012) is also very useful page 615
HERMANNIA L. doll’s-rose, poprosie ± 120 spp., dry tropics and subtropics, mostly southern Africa

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