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Talking of Lichens MIKE

The Doige lists come up from time to time and I thought I had a link to them, But my link was lost in a revamp of the host site.
However I’ve been made aware of the deeper recesses of the internet
So think I should share the link here:

The South African fungi and lichens to the end of 1945

E.M. Doidge, Bothalia. 1950, vol. V. 1094 pages
Not all about lichens and some names have changed, but I found it easy to navigate.

I had forgotten the suffix ‘imperfectae’ for fungi & lichens without a (known) sexual phase in their life cycles.
One of those listed in Marlana’s find, Lepraria candelaris, is, I believe, an older name for one we have in UK, Chrysothrix candelaris. Lastdragon lichens implies apothecia have been recorded, but doesn’t say where.