Talking of Lichens MIKE

The Doige lists come up from time to time and I thought I had a link to them, But my link was lost in a revamp of the host site.
However I’ve been made aware of the deeper recesses of the internet
So think I should share the link here:

The South African fungi and lichens to the end of 1945

E.M. Doidge, Bothalia. 1950, vol. V. 1094 pages
Not all about lichens and some names have changed, but I found it easy to navigate.

I had forgotten the suffix ‘imperfectae’ for fungi & lichens without a (known) sexual phase in their life cycles.
One of those listed in Marlana’s find, Lepraria candelaris, is, I believe, an older name for one we have in UK, Chrysothrix candelaris. Lastdragon lichens implies apothecia have been recorded, but doesn’t say where.

Checking some Lichen basics on GBIF found this looks promising

Links to images of the lichens from BIOTAlichencoll although still not quite clear what this is.

It seems to be 2065 records listed, in date order, upto 2008. On this browser I can’t select a different heading so searching for a species is not easy. However the gallery could be useful to check a lichen …all I have to do is find the time to visit SA.

Coping with lichens is never easy - they need to be checked any number of ways. Try testing with chemicals when the wind is gusting and blowing hair into one’s eyes.
I’ve just been looking at some lovely lichen pictures that were growing on the rocks at Club Mykonos on the Cape West Coast. I think I should post them without trying to to name them.
Tony preferred us to post individual species for naming them. But I think I’ll try sharing the mix with the hope that some lichenologist will find the spot worth visiting.
I used to post some of mine on Flickr, with albums to sort and links back to iSpot. See what you think?
My alter ego - to separate from my Ship Spotting Flickr

There are certainly some very nice lichens in that flickr gallery. Interesting that many of them seem to have a fairly global distribution.

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OK had a look at the pics - many much the same as mine from the same areas. Nice to compare. M

Yes, I noticed that too; the distribution for L. chlarotera in Lecanora chlarotera Nyl.
seemed to have a few in the sea… but then I realised it was on the islands off the west coast of Africa.

@miked @JoC @dejayM
TODAY I have posted two that will fill dejay’s heart with joy - both link to GBIF regardless of the name changes.
This one is easy thanks to Froden - quite distinctive - we see it right down to the Cape Peninsula

This one was a bit more complex - based on Froden’s input once again, identifying it elsewhere.

Still without a name is

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Having said some have fairly gobal distribution it seems this mainly applies to genera whereas the species themselves are more local. Suggestion that there may be around 3000 species in total in ZA although many not named yet? This may not be much different to the number in British Isles. Comparing this to plants where ZA has many times as many species as British Isles.

Posted today - couldn’t find it in the Doige lists and don’t think it was in GBIF for the Cape (still trying to learn GBIF navigation)
May be wrong but thought this was as described.

An amazing work - some lovely lichens here - I never knew where to start - see how many we have on iSpot ( mostly just guessing).

Compiled Key to Xanthoparmelia in Southern Africa
by H. Sipman, 25 Nov. 2017

Should we put it where it can be retrieved @miked ?
Then there are Nicky’s Projects -

OK Trying again ( I needed to to link via the Summary)

found by checking AndrewM project list

Something else you may be interested in is It is of course NOT South Africa but given that quite a lot of the genera at least are the same as in northern hemisphere I was wondering how many of these occur in ZA

Thanks Mike
I had a quick look (took ages to download) Think it might be quite useful for me to follow up genus. Some we definitely get in RSA.
PS I’ve forgotten so much and am missing Alan Silverside’s site - any Idea why I can’t view it anymore?

Sadly, it looks as though all the Weblinks are broken
I have dropped him a mail

Thanks dejay.
It was such a useful site.

No-one I have ‘spoken’ to seems to know there are enquiries in public places

You do seem to ferret out things dejayM. Thanks, glad to know I’m not alone.
‘It would be possible to restore it from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine but we’d need permission’.
Might be able to do this on a personal basis - but our iSpot links are no longer valid