Taxonomic work-around

I noted hog_weed’s problems with the drop-down lists, earlier (
Later, I tried to add this post: But I forgot my own advice, and found the database annoying again.
Type in “Common Frog”, and iSpot will not find a match. But it will find a match for “Common Fro”. It just doesn’t seem to like me trying to be too clever. It will also match “Frog”, offering “Common Frog (Rana…”
So, it appears that the trick is to let it think it’s smarter than you are…

Similar problem, perhaps, at

This has been a problem for quite a while in the Scientific-name box @miked .
typing until the last letter finds the correct name, sometimes with a delay. Putting in the last latter seems to often fail and may go anywhere is the Taxonomy mire.
This is perhaps why so many IDs fail to latch when over-confident people type in the whole name and press return or click Add.
It is, of course, a bug that has probably been here for a while. But there is another one present that often fails to latch the ID even when the name is selected from the Drop-down and specially if one adds anything thereafter to the Common name box.
Solution? None, until the Powers devote some money to more recoding,.