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Taxonomy issues PLEASE

Please can ‘we’ have a list of Taxonomy issues (only) here?
If the Dictionaries get updated, without a review of Taxonomy it will create even more issues
You could begin to add the tag taxonomy1 to any Observation that reveals a Taxonomy problem (though not specifically Dictionary ones) The tag absent1 can still be used for dictionary issues, absences, misspells, double entries, dual genera in the Drop-down (Prunella say).
Maybe NOT Grouping Issues like Marine Algae (for example)

Insecta and, I think, Hexapoda are flawed (becoming Other Organisms)
Lepidoptera is flawed (but not in Global)
Oomycetes are Plants in iSpot but not in the real World.
Potato Blight is not a plant, except in iSpot

Slime moulds
Myxomycetes is flawed - accepted as ID but not present in iSpot’s Tx-Browser)
Myxogastria is absent
Myxogastrea is accepted

Some common names lead to mis-identifcation - if someone types in Sycamore when they have seen the trethey get Acronicta aceris - if you are not used to scientifc names then the first one on offer will get accepted - Perhaps it would be better to say Sycamore moth.


Arachnids are classed as Other Organisms.

Hope I’m at the right spot to report a dictionary issue-
Not recognised in iSpot SA
So this beetle may be lost
ID’d by Shobie as Coenomorpha nervosa:

Some searches seem to confirm this - but I can’t find a name on iSpot to agree.
The best is
Then searching with the terms “Coenomorpha nervosa” and “South Africa”
I find quite a lot of sites in RSA - looks as if it maybe an invasive species
Adding “invasive” I think this may be a duplication - but some good images
Some others

It does seem to be this species and the species is missing from the dictionary.

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Minor issue - the dictionary maps Rorippa islandica to Rorippa palustris, which seems to be odds with current taxonomic opinion (which recognises both species).

A fascinating ID at many thanks to Matthew Shepherd. What a pity it seems to be missing from the iSpot dictionary.

You’ve linked to an edit page. Only the author can open that.

I haven’t been able to guess the correct link.

But from your activity tracker -

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@lavateraguy, many thanks. That’s the one and I’ve also corrected the original.

Came across this anomaly in the UI Fungi Project. The initial identification was Clavulina; however, iSpot classed this an Other Organism. Clavaria and Clavulinaceae identifications were added and classed as Fungi.

It’s one of those names with two meanings (in this case a foram and a fungus), and as we know iSpot doesn’t deign to tell us which entry on the drop down list represents which meaning.

One today (comments)

The Slime Tricia is also a Mollusc as seen here. The observation is in the group - Fungi but linked to snails in Other Observations. Re-entering Flaxton’s ID will probably change the banner. Just flagging it up.

I had to ask dejay to remind me about the use of the tTag Taxonomy1, and he directed me to this forum post.
So I’m adding a note here, in case it is useful to others too.