Thanks a bunch!

I’ve been introduced to iSpot recently and have enjoyed getting my images identified, but not shown any gratitude for people’s efforts. So, thanks to everyone who’s helped out! Makes me want to go further afield and image something more exotic, but there’s not many opportunities to do that, yet.
Thanks again
Terry ShrubDuster

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I’m glad you’re finding iSpot useful. It’s a pretty friendly and helpful community. Do encourage anyone else who’s interested in knowing more about the world around them to join us too. Happy spotting.

Yes, you’ve done well in a short time with very varied posts. I loved your rat!

are working REALLY well @HB1 Read my recent comment here (Power) -

I believe the site is running very smoothly. There is HELP NEEDED in Global India and the two Other Observation projects.
Smile at this

I see what you mean. Busy! Shared discovery. Nice!