That Changes Tracker aberation, again

The Changes Tracker says:

But visiting the page:

This has happened before, I don’t understand how it works.

If it is just Chris that is causing the issue then it is possible he was doing something on the database.
Another possibility. Not sure if a comment was ‘inappropriated’ if that would show up on tracker and not show onthe page itself.

I’ve been working on Comment-related stuff this morning but I too have noticed that numbers of comments against Observations are sometimes being reported incorrectly. There’s definitely a bug here.

Have just found the reason for this - and it is indeed related to my recent work on “AI bots”.

I think we need to excuse Chris for this type of ‘error’!
Specially as he has done this Improvements - a new Thread - #47 by dejayM

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Instances such as this just go to prove (if further proof were needed) how far coding has evolved since I was trying to get laboratory instruments to “talk” to a BBC micro back in the 1980s!