The Linnean Collections and Others

These digitised collections have left me gobsmacked. We have always known about his South African work, but only recently have I been accessing the collection.
Today I was trying to find out more about Gerbera crocea - The Red List gave me the L. name Arnica crocea L.
Comparing my poor observation

To the digitised specimen -

I was amased at how clear it was. This lead me to find out more about the South African collection and how old it might be: “The expedition stopped in South Africa in 1772 where it remained for three years. During this time Thunberg found 300 new plant species and sent many of his findings to Linnaeus . . . From his findings in South Africa , he published Flora Capensis.
More about the London Collections " Through our Online Collections, we are providing worldwide access to our priceless collections of specimens, manuscripts, letters, books and artwork."

Thanks for that…

Hope this will be a way to share resources - to check identification of SA species.
I’ve been trying to sort out my Lobelia observations and stumbled upon this site.
See our iSpot observations of Lobelia boivinii - this will link to the others

Now at I have found an herbarium specimen

Collected at almost the same location.
Lots more to explore.