The Observation that got us All so excited

and could so easily have been lost without an ID.
Not a Lichen @dejayM

I think you’ll enjoy the mayhem if you follow the comments @JoC @Rachel_R .
But you will note that the links were corrupted over the years - this is a problem with so many of the early posts. Is there a solution ? @miked
Today’s post was the visit in late May 2012 when Priscilla collected her sample to take to John Manning.
Full circle

Note: I find the best way to view these is by the Zoom option.
And the tag ‘myFrullania’ links to all the other observations prior to the visit with Prix.
We had so much fun ‘Looking for Lichens’ see the date tag ‘WCNP_2012_05_26’
Lots more to be added DV

That was indeed an exciting find and an interesting read The Frullania, the tiny 4 petalled flower, and the involvement of several botanists, not forgetting Capn. Morgan’s help.

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Suspect Frullania in uk would have been identified more easily at least to genus as it is relatively common. As to the links to individual images I am not sure if they can be corrected @Chris_Valentine as they were the way the old site worked but the current site works in a different way. The images and their observations will still be present but have a different reference to them.

Yes, it’s rather sad, the old observations are littered with these references.
I have recorded some of my old links - it seems to me there were at least TWO changes, possibly with dictionary updates - some links worked where I used them on Flickr to get back to iSpot