The world's oldest clove tree

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Empires, eh, who’d 'ave 'em?
This is a good read on monopolies and control. I’m not sure if the tree is still alive… if it’s just a stump & a some bare branches, then I’m not sure it qualifies as the oldest clove tree.
I recognise the bit about ‘stored at the back of the kitchen cupboard’. I use 12 cloves every other year in Apple chutney. It takes a while to get through a packet.

There are lots of other uses for cloves - bit late to expand now’

“I use 12 cloves every other year in Apple chutney”
Put some in a mortar and pestle (or coffee grinder) with fennel, coriander, cinnamon, and cardamom. Grind well. Add a scant teaspoonful to porridge before cooking.

In the third century BC, Chinese emperors of the Han Dynasty required those who addressed them to chew cloves to freshen their breath. Wikipedia.

Good to see that you have been keeping up with developments in this field….

What a joy ispot is… I’ve just checked the cupboard. I think that “a scant teaspoon of the clove+ mixture in my daily porage” means I will still have enough for next year’s churney. Now I just need to order the fennel, coriander etc.

not sure who’s vegetarian - but we used, in Cape Town, cloves for a festive ham roast, garnished with pineapple and cloves stuck all over -
Sure I remember roasting mutton with cloves to give it a venison flavour
Google found this Karoo Borewors Recipe
NOTE you can buy Boerewors at the Saffer shop at Victoria
Then apple and cloves any number of ways,

If you do, you can ring the changes by using just a few fennel and even fewer cardomom seeds. I prefer that, but my wife likes the full “porridge masala” mix. She’s recently taken to including nutmeg.

Moving on from cloves…
Pendraig. 'Chief dragon' is UK's oldest meat-eating dinosaur - BBC News
We don’t get many fossil posts, so sharing this one.