The Yanks are here


If that photo is of an american painted lady then it looks so similar to the normal version we get here then it could easily have been missed?

Having looked at Wikipedia, that photograph appears to be of the subcosmopolitan (and found in the US) Vanessa cardui, rather than the eastern American Vanessa virginiensis.

Cynthia (butterfly) - Wikipedia

Generally speaking photo library pictures are not the most accurately labelled on the natural history front, wonder if they have ever been checked, perhaps a job for the AI or on the other hand…

I have sometimes wondered whether the Alamy Stock photos that frequently appear in an Image Seach on the web are accurately labelled. In fact I think I may look Alamy up on Wikipedia as I don’t know who they are…

Not particularly convinced it’s from the US. Took me back to my project: :recycle:ex iFocus: Painted Lady

Oh dear: to quote Tom Robinson (1978*) -
‘It’s there in the paper, it must be the truth’

(*The musician, not the a.k.a. Mr Yaxley-Lennon)

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Lord Vetinari said “It must be true, Drumknott,” said the Patrician. “It’s in the paper.”