Tick identification Authors: Prof Maxime Madder, Prof Ivan Horak, Dr Hein Stoltsz

@miked Might be useful for the dictionary
Excellent pics

It is interesting, in dim distant past when governments funded agricultural science there was a lot of work on identification of pests and diseases. Then they much reduced funding fo this kind of thing and went molecular but now a few people are starting to get interested again.
It is particularly important now with climate change and the spread of disease vectors in general and the spread of ‘rewilding’ potentially increasing habitats that some of the vectors live in.

Also hikers and pet owners are very aware of the hazards of tick bites. We often picked up ‘pepper tics’ on our outings - never thought to take photos, were too busy getting rid of them. Then the big fat engorged ones we found on the dogs - before the villages became urbanised.