TIPS of the Decade

Do you have GOOD tip about using the site? You know, how to beat the Dictionary, how to avoid Black Panels, how to get MORE from iSpot?
SteveSmailes set me off (thanks) This then

You can now Filter the whole for your own LOST PROPERTY - tick Without Likely ID and add your (anyone’s) user name

Some of YOU have quite a lot of Lost property and a few missing pictures (junk!) - what about a New Year Resolution?

There is a way to beat the Global Dictionary (and vice-versa if required and includes the SANBI one)
You’ll have to read the comments

Took a look at mine. Mainly those I am unable to give likelyID but also 3 or 4 which were before I was able to give likely ID for inverts. Is there a way to update them now I have a higher score?

I am PLEASED to see someone trying this - thanks
You will find that your Reputation Score at the time of adding the ID is retained through the life of the post - it seems.
You need a minimum of two Icons (I am not certain of the trigger-scores) to invoke a Likely Banner.
You Inverts are now invoking the Likely Banner but you need a better ‘score’ in the other groups.
So the only way to satisfy your desire, is to hope for agreements or add more agreeable Observations. . Very few people (but an increasing number) actually look at Other Observations when posting their own and so, once OFF the Home page, Observations get less attention.