Token? What is a Token?

What on earth does this mean??

Why can the error messages have a meaning? Something useful?

I think it is generated by the Browser - typically “If you haven’t cleared your Internet Browser Cache it can cause token error’s.” I assume the error is passed to the Website Display - hence ‘Contact’.
There’s specific Browser information here

But is this not just bad programming. iSpot should handle these errors, not pass them onto the user. It is not the users job to have to run after iSpot bugs and fix sloppy programming at much inconvenience.

Trivial bug to be fixed when next working on that bit of system. Workround: just close the message (as you will have found when you tried it!)
BTW is the bug list available to view, and if so where?

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I have more or less given up. The last batch of “fixes” that are not, and the horrific changes have dampened my spirits I am afraid. Am busy looking at avenues of pulling out. OU clearly does not care.