Track changes and interactions

As far as I can tell the track changes list does not show when an interaction has been added to an entry. This feels like it would be a good thing to show.

I am surprised to read that it doesn’t. ANY change to a post should be flagged.

Interactions can only be made by the observer. So there’s no point putting them on the changes tracker as the observer already knows that he added the interaction. (But the current changes tracker spends a fair bit of screen space telling you about your own changes to observations, so iSpot isn’t consistent on the point.) Does adding an interaction get added to the activity tracker?

Not sure I understand that reasoning, perhaps I am missing something.

For example if I post an comment on an iSpot entry another user has created asking if the foodplant of the creature was observed and they subsequently create an interaction to the foodplant I’d want to be notified (on the track changes thing) that this has happened. I would be notified if they had provided the information in the form of a comment, editing the text of the entry or by adding another picture.

No, you’re not missing anything. I misthought.

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Fair enough, thanks.

Will the Changes Tracker drop the earlier changes at some specified time? I wouldn’t mind if they dropped off after a month; oldispot showedd Last 30 days, I believe.

I am actually finding it useful to Back-Track, but so as long as we can Search between dates or, say, comments added only, then they need be displayed for a short time only.
If all our OWN activity (precisely repeated in Activity Changes) was dropped, then the list would be easier.
There must be quite a few people who have pages and pages of yellows, judging by the lack of responses I am getting, so it’s still not widely used.

When you say Back Track, do you mean there is a feature of that name? Or are simply describing what you do?
I agree anout duplication of our own activity.

Tracking back through my all-time contributions, say via the Date Filter. But I’d like more filters, search for a phrase or word perhaps. I can’t remember when we, you and I, last talked about the SAUNDERS & LEHMKUHL paper . and we did*, so it’d be nice to find that. (it’s only an example but see below)
I agree the Page could be shorter, maybe a month, but all the Data should be available, via another click perhaps.
Be aware though that many people have yet to ‘discover’ the Tracker and that some go ‘away’ for more than a month.