Trouble with larva ID

Hi All,

Im new to this forum and a beginner to larvae ID.

I found these guys in my houseplant and can’t seem to find what they are. I’m in the UK (Milton Keynes) but i’m not sure where this plant is from and so cannot give regional information on this though I can tell you the plant came from IKEA. There plants are not kept outdoors or near a door or window that lead outdoors and so i’m thinking it’s not a butterfly larvae at least but who knows. They are around an 1" in length and 0.1" in width when I found them today. I found these a few cm under the soil which again, makes me think not butterfly or moth but i’m not sure how to tell the difference between beetle, butterfly and month larvae (if someone know this and key features, that would be very informative). Its my first post so i’m hoping this is enough information needed to aid in the ID. I’ve never been that good at larvae ID. Thanks!

Better to post this as an observation - the forums don’t see many visitors. It’s a bit clunky, but more people would see it. The fact that it may be an import won’t help, though. Knowing what the plant is might well help, though: quite a few species are choosy. I suspect it’s a micro-moth of some sort, but there are lots!

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Thank you. I had started an observation before posting here but when it said about ID I hadn’t a clue so presumed everyone did it here. I’ve posted it now. Thanks again