Try AI on old observations

It is possible to get a listing of your (or anyone else’s) observations that don’t have a likely ID. In my case this reveals that for example I have 120 plant observations without a likely ID, these were put onto ispot before the AI systems were in place.

I am now thinking about trying some of these observations manually with Plantnet to see if it can suggest an identification as in some cases I don’t really know where to start and the AI even if it does not get the identification exactly right can still give some starting points.

To get a listing of observations without a likely ID there are several ways, I usually go to ‘Explore community>map’ then use the filter to select plant group and person but most important select without likely ID.

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I did a fungus.
I put fungus AI into my browser and clicked on a result.
It came up with a browse your files button.

Not sure if anybody spotted this?

Wondering if the AI systems look at less obvious features like fruits - Priscilla always wanted fruit for her Mesembs.- especially after rains.
Then check your location - see if there have been any similar obs.
Looking forward to see what you get.

Please do not overlook this in which I have explicitly suggested using AI on the Unidentified objects.
Where we use AI to add an ID then the tag AIAPP should be added. Mike and I can do that just tell us somehow,
The project has 190 entries - do look at some. Please