Two for one: the new iSpot interaction

Fix a bug and create another!!!

it seems that one bug is worth nine on iSpot …

Now try finding this out on this observation

or this one

Except to discover the duplicates on this one, you have to click “see more” 24 TIMES - what a collosal waste of time: why dont the programmers try using ispot before making their stupid decisions??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Why are observations limited to 10? What on earth is the point of only showing 10 - 90% of users will have to hunt for what they are looking for and will be mightily pissed off before they find it!!!

Thanks to Magda for this. She found it on her’s (much easier)::

Now the million dollar question? Is this a display bug, or a data corruption issue. I am reluctant to suggest a display bug, as it displays properly at (Thanks again Magda):

So it cannot be a coding issue, it has to be a data corruption issue where the interaction is duplicated in the interactions table.

Sigh! I bet my 4-month-old grandson could do better than this! How on earth can such errors be allowed to go undetected? Do the programmers just not care?

I have had enough. This is beyond a joke! This is no longer acceptable!!