Two Peninsula Ericas

@Luisa you got me looking at pics I hadn’t posted on iSpot …
We had Ted Oliver’s Pocket Guide and were hoping to find as many Ericas as we could - quite a few on the list were Peninsula Endemic.
These two were found in marshy spots high in the mountains and the Red List has lumped them together under Erica limosa Threatened Species Programme | SANBI Red List of South African Plants and made Erica salteri DDD
In 2003, following the big fire, we found

Erica limosa L.Bolus

near the dam.
The same location as the Kew specimen collected ‘in the ma(r)sh above the reservoir on the Steemberg’

A nicer link (allows zooming)

In 2007 we spent a lot of time photographing Erica salteri L.Bolus to get close-ups of the sepals

At the Muizenberg location from Kew

I’m sure Ross Turner knows about both these sites - so now I’ve shared my pics - it’s time to let go.
@miked @JoC @NorthernTeacher can you see the large sepals on E. salteri?