Unexpected sighting

Can’t ever remember seeing a white tailed sea eagle before and thought I would have to go to a Scottish Island by boat to find one. However this afternoon by chance I was at the end of a street in little Sussex village and what happened to fly over but a sea eagle. Initially could not believe my eyes but fortunately I had seen there were some lapwings on flooded grass so had longish lens on camera and was ready when the eagle flew over. It must have been high up and moving fast as it was gone in a few seconds.
I mentioned this to some local birdwatchers who were nearby and had missed it and they looked rather miffed to say the least, they pointed out the black swan they were looking at (which I had already seen).
Think the eagle has been seen in this general area over the past few years but I did not know that when I saw it.

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We have friends who live near Amberley and they say that they breed there. I don’t know whether that’s true or not - but it looks as if you must have been in the same general area.
I’ve still never seen one for sure, though I think one flew over our car years ago when I was near Skye. The problem was that it was going in the opposite direction from us and it wasn’t a place where I could stop. But it was massive!

The overall shape was rather distinctive and it looked massive even though it must have been high given how small it turned out on the images from the camera. From gps tracking it looks as if they could turn up in any part of UK as birds from IOW have gone to Scotland and northern europe and expected to come back again.