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Update: changes and tracking functionality - from the iSpot Team

Watch your step as I can Track you now

But I think it’s only our OWN activity here, no-one else’s in relation to ‘your’ activity. It’s an unwieldy start

not me:


Find a comment which you have made - click on your name. Tell me. or change this number to yours

Have you cleared your cache, don’t know if you have to or not (I did not have to).

OK, so you are watching Mike. Should there be an announcement and is there an an easier route than by accident?
And will CHANGES come today? It is quite unwieldy

I did clear my cache, but nothing happened.
But at 12h55 GMT+2 it appeared.

It is noted on the home page!

Anyone Change this to your own number
add it to your Browser Drop-down

Why are you interested in the Activity-Tracker? Surely you want the Changes-Tracker?

The Activity Tracker is what you did. You should already know what you did (although I will understand if you dont).

What you should be interested in is what other people did. Alas: we have the Changes-Tracker for that!

No: that is perfectly correct: That is the old tracker and it seems to be working fine compared to the old.

If only one could say that for the Changes-Tracker.

Let’s call this Self-Tracker. I know where I’ve been, doesn’t everyone?

You can use this feature on everybody’s profile. It’s not exactly the most transparent of interfaces, but I think that it allows you to track down my comments. I tested it on on a comment by @JoP and an identification by @JoP. It sort of worked; I had to refresh the observation pages to get them to render the images, identifications and comments.

Yes I can see everything you have done, Jo P has done, I have done. But how I am I supposed to know how YOU have interacted with ME, little me? Well, I can use this

If you search for your own name in your own profile you’ll find your own observations, and you can see whether any comments have been made on those observations. When you’ve commented on someone else’s observation (memory required) you can look for observations with at least 2 comments.

For those unfamiliar with the jargon, i18n is an abbreviation for internationalisation. Breadcrumb is presumably a reference to to the trail of actions.

try refreshing your cache? I dont see that!

(no I will not stop others from joining the conversation: that does not mean that I am not providing adequate time for other people to comment: go away silly banner!)

What’s UP now? Am I going mad? I’ve only just seen this. Has it been modified in the last hour or have I been asleep all day?

Clear that bookmark and begin again. Why are you looking at yourself as a third person. Go to your spot and look there!!

I had to clear my cache before the tracking tabs came up in my profile.

Can I gripe here?

Why do my own activities, which are all listed in my activity tracker, fill up the list in my changes tracker?

theoretically…but then there is forgetfulness…and (although less of an issue as I get older) alcohol

OK, OK…at last, the yellow scarf I have been playing with, in the test site, for nearly two months