Update needed to help file

The method used to delete an entry explained here (https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/article/6067/how-do-i-edit-or-delete-an-observation) no longer works on the new iSpot. Instead you need to go to the Observations list under Your iSpot and select unpublished. Can the help text be updated?

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Have updated the text. If you spot other pages that need updating then let me know. There are quite a lot that need updating and we don’t have anyone to do this at the moment so are relying on people spotting problems on pages that they use.

Is there any way a few (trusted) members could be given permission to update this sort of thing. I’d be happy to do them myself (assuming I count as trusted) rather than having to keep throwing the work at you as I’m sure you have lots of other things to do.

Keeping this thread alive.
Despite some work there is still a need to visit all the support pages to look for outdated advice or links.
I think it would be nice to see the Front Page revamped with,perhaps, only topical notices and links to important announcements as well as a welcoming message and the Carousels.
Images ARE Uploading and Tweets may well be a thing of the past.

I support the idea of a welcoming page. At present I am looking for new members to welcome them personally and encourage them to post more.

Hi I have just joined and wanted to post some pictures of birds in my swift box for identification. I uploaded some photos when I signed in thinking they could then be used on the site to put into posts. Then I made an observation and found I needed to upload into it . Now i’ve posted, I think in the wrong place asking for help, and posting yet again another upload. I’m sorry but I am normally fairly tech savvy but I don’t find this site very instinctive. i may have posted the same in different ways several times, for which I apologise profusely.

I have replied to your other message and indeed observations should be posted as an observation on the main site not the forum. Unforutnately birds at the nest (and bats) are not allowed and I explained why but you are welcome to post pictures of any other wildlife and the community will help to identify it.

As we are here (well I am) I propose one useful addition to the Observations Page mentioned above @DavidHowdon Update needed to help file.
Is it possible @miked to consider FILTERING our own Observations by date? To Unpublish an observation, say 3 years old, (should it be necessary) it is a very tedious process, particularly to advise others about.