UPDATE Server Upgrade Starts Monday evening and lasts 24hours

We are looking to move iSpot to a new server on Tuesday morning next week (that’s 25th April). The site will be unavailable for around an hour immediately after the backup has completed.

Thanks for letting us know, Chris

25th April, I presume

Oh good, thanks…

I wondered who would be the first to spot that.

UPDATE on this story. The site will be down from 5pm Monday evening until Tuesday evening i.e. 24 hours. The reason for this is that a much larger amount of data had to be duplicated that was originally anticipated and the site once moved needs considerable testing.
As you might understand if there are issues found during testing then the offline period may have to be extended somewhat. There is also a chance that the site might be available Tuesday afternoon if you want to try earlier.

Thanks for the update.

The website move has now been completed. Apologies for the outage and thanks for your cooperation.

Oh…it seems OK, really!
I had a small epic near the end of testing. But I cleared my whole browser to find all was well
This is a good test of speed increase (the speed HAS increased)

And I’d like to know how may Birds iSpot has and how to exclude poos, feathers and skeletons!
Special thanks Chris - heart-in-mouth I guess!

All looking good. Well done and thank you.

I have just got an observation on with no problems.
Cheers for the good work.

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Thanks to all who had a hand in this.

(Plus padding characters…)

Ha, I crashed it today at 15:28, honest I was just looking…( :hot_face:time corrected)

It’s only 15:31 by my computer (and tablet), but I’ve noticed that the identification drop-down has hung up.

Thanks for not blaming my 14 image hybrid bluebell observation.

And here’s me thinking mine was just doing updates. Restarted pc and voila! Quite speedy now, shhh

Thought I’d broken it - I made the rookie mistake of trying to reorder photos before the upload was finished.

And now it seems to be broken again (1823): everything has ‘hung’. It wasn’t me this time, honest!

Would any of this do things like stop caterpillar from going into the dictionary?

Oh dear having problems loading images - starting on May 8th Lachnaea densiflora, Cape Point - Dec. 2008 | Observation | Southern Africa | iSpot Nature