USB or WiFi Microscopy

See Microscopy for naturalists
$1 microscope ($30 for deluxe kit)
Who is experienced with cheap Microscopy, in the field or at home?
We should share experiences and links - Please
I am looking for a cheap (under £80) USB to use beside my PC
I have returned three to Amazon in recent months and I have another far better one to return soon
I have ordered its successor already.
Some results from the £35 one are here
I am NOT promoting Amazon but they have a very good return as unsuitable policy : amazon usb microscope

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I have got an earlier one of these.
They are powered by a USB charged internal battery and use a common SD card.

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I got a very cheap USB microscope from Amazon. £20 from memory. The make is Bysameyee.
It works well although, as I don’t like killing insects, it can be tricky to get a sharp photo - even after sticking a small arthropod in the deep freeze for five minutes, it doesn’t take them long to start waving body parts about. It has enabled me to get reasonable shots of small spiders and barklice as well as inconspicuous ladybirds.
My main problem has been with small arthropods deciding to climb up into the microscope, from where they refuse to come back again!
I hand-hold it as the stand supplied was useless. With practice, this is not too difficult. I usually use a white sheet of paper as background, on which I make a pencil mark so that I can focus before I release the arthropod.
It’s pretty useless for anything living that is more than 5 mms long.
This is the machine:

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@Surreybirder @Refugee @dejayM
Helpful stuff. Do keep it coming. I need it simple. I have an iMac, don’t know if that matters? Did look at NHBS a while ago when their recommended one was out of stock.

The one I use isn’t compatible with the iMac @mags49 but if you follow my link it will tell you that there is now a newer version; and it says that that one is compatible. (It costs more.)

Thanks for that info, appreciated!

there is something very nice about this gear for iSpotters, despite its drawbacks.
I will add a review of this
this one will arrive shortly
This morning before packing the first

For comparison, here is my much cruder set-up:

I drew a ‘bug’ (10 mms long) and then used the microscope, hand-held to look at it on the screen. Not such a pretty picture as Derek’s - but mine has the human touch!

tidy workspace!
Good demo thanks.
I recommend a sturdy base for these - a HUGE advantage for the sake of £15

That base looks identical to the optional extra one I got for my scope with the built in screen. The later ones look like they have a different but equal stand.

I was offered one but only if I gave the product five stars on Amazon. I refused on principle. But for a living insect, I’m not convinced that a stand would give you the flexibility you need. Having had dozens of moths dissected when we were doing the Surrey atlas of micros, I feel that I should now avoid killing animals intentionally.

Yes, it seems to be a standard one accepted by many of the current manufactures.
I have just returned one, it had no faults except it should have a non reflective black base. I used black card.
There is one that has directional illuminators

Looking forward to the reviews.

Me too. My questions will be so basic you’ll be horrified, I need it to be simple. Example: how do you take pictures??? With apologies for total and shameful ignorance.

press button on the side of the M’scope. Much depends on the design and connestion to your PC or Lap or Phone. There is software to be loaded into the PC, it does most things but does take a little time to install and get used to.
Much more will come in my (short) review. I am behind with everything

Some puns in there! Thanks M

The one I have got is rechargeable and takes pictures and video clips to an SD card from the built in screen.
It is quickest to take the card out and move the images over with a card reader.

Whereas mine takes pictures by clicking the PC mouse - and saves them onto the picture folder within the PC.

Using the mouse to trigger the “shutter” has to be a big plus. Pressing anything on the 'scope itself is an invitation to judder and a blurred photo.

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yes, all the software driven versions I have seen, use the mouse
Here is one (mine - which has driven three different versions of M’scope
My 5MP version arrived today. It is not worth the extra money. Reasoning will come
First and second photos Psammechinus miliaris