Very historic records

I was trying to enter a rather old specimen (from July 1949) onto MapMate (see Although the data seemed to be entered on data entry correctly when I looked at the record created it had today’s date instead. When editing the record the date field on the ‘details’ tab was empty. Again entering the correct (1949) date appeared to work but actually resulted in today’s date.

Not a major issue really but as I go through this cabinet there may be on or two examples where I’d like to ask questions about ID and being able to date the entry correctly would be nice.

iSpot takes the date from the EXIF information in the JPEG, and if that isn’t available takes the date of upload. On the old iSpot you could manually override this. If that’s not working presumably there’s a bug that wasn’t caught in testing.

Can’t speak for MapMate but I just posted this

It would not accept 1949 and, as you say gave it today’s date. But I went to edit and have got it back to 1970 and may get it further - trial and error (I think 1970 is the limit)
I think MJB has a lot of historical scanned pix

You could well be right that 1970 is the limit. Time is UNIX is measured in seconds from the start of January 1970. But I would have thought that a database would have used something else to represent dates.

To prove this try 23:59 December 31st 1969.