Virtual observations?

Is there any legitimate ‘mileage’ in using StreetView for Observations?
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Seems perfectly valid if people want to use it to improve their ID skills or get support identifying things they’ve found on it. Not sure how many images on it will be of a quality to really allow reliable IDs though.

I tried StreetView out on country lanes that I haven’t visited. The resolution isn’t good enough to identify most plants. On the other hand if you can get a satellite photograph from the right time of year you can spot gorse, blackthorn or hawthorn.

(I started a short discussion of StreetView as an observation tool on the old iSpot.)

Find that for us LvtG! Here’s my earliest mention (comments)
And here ‘beware of the dog’
Search iSpot for Streetview to find others…
I agree about lack of definition and detail - but many plants and trees are easily identifiable via Streetview
Here is a lovely Virtual Ride (@Jo_Parmenter) with coffee shops, ice creams, trees and flowers galore
i have found a perfect Cordyline australis for Jo.

I’d like more discussion here - anyone?
I am working on a series of Streetview-Observations but should I post them?

Anyone else UP for trying one?

I don’t recall the previous debate. Are there any copyright issues?

We are invited in iSpot to use Streetview; few people do but it is a powerful and very useful feature.
Here are the terms
“We require clear, visible attribution when the Content is shown.”
I tread it carefully; as long as you keep the images in iSpot, there will be no issues. For safety sake, in the Hospital Tree, I added the attribution
"Google Earth and Streetview Images used in compliance with Guidelines "
I will add it to all my Virtual Posts

Seems like a good idea