'Ware hemlock (is less than 15 characters)

MSN points me at a scare story over Conium maculatum. (I hadn’t noticed it being unusually common this year.)

Dog walkers warned over ‘terribly toxic’ plant sweeping Britain that SUFFOCATES loved pets (msn.com)

A dog died of Hemlock poisoning in Co. Antrim .
The general message is “I would recommend not letting your dog eat anything that you don’t know. » Other advice is not to let dogs eat picnic/bbq remains in the park… All in all a non-story, except for our interest in the reported ( no reference given) increase of Conium this year. As far as I can remember, BSBI haven’t mentioned it.

Is GB News like an online version of Sunday Sport? I see they fit in a dig at adders too. And so much more useful to show us a photo of dog walkers, which I’ve never seen before, rather than a picture of hemlock.