What did I do wrong?

I wanted to find a comment added some time ago: I recall it was added to a post I put up of Arum maculatum.
So I searched for that species via the species browser, and the result was:
It’s probably a very simple error that I will be embarrassed by, but I can live with that!

There is a problem with the species browser, beyond a certain number of levels it gives these errors, we hope to fix this during the dictionary update.
You can find observations of this species in other ways for example in search which gives variable results depending on what google has had for breakfast, there are also the methods via map https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/observations/map which has powerful filters for name of species and name of person as well as date and can browse the results

Thank you, Mike: for once it wasn’t me…

"…a comment added some time ago"
1 A way. If you know roughly how long ago. You can use your own Activity Tracker
Type: Observation
Change: Commented
Keep the window narrow, say 6 months max - it could be 20 pages

You are looking in the resulting list on the left for a Title Arum. But, of course, it might be titled spotted leaves!

2 Another way - maybe the best
Explore Community (Home page menu)
Filter Community
Add Arum
You can set a time window which could be several weeks
This will return ALL the Arums in iSpot (in that period)
Look only in those that have comments (there are less that you might think)
You are a serial commenter but it is not as difficult as you might imagine
Here’s a couple
You will be surprised how ‘easy’ it is

3 You could set a Community task in a (Crowd-) Project
Find my comment in which I may have said "Around Huntingdon/Peterborough, both can be found…"
Reward for the finder…
4 Oh, here’s the Full Species Browser but it displays the most recent 49 only
This page is located by clicking on Arum in a Taxonomy tree in any (Arum) Observation
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" serial commenter"
Serial cocker-upper might be more appropriate:

I should have written cereal commenter, as your very best work (here and in the main site) is often around breakfast-time.

Not the porridge, more the

Have a look through the Species Dictionary instead:

The thumbnails along the bottom of the page are limited to the most recent 12 records but if you click the Observations tab you are presented with a very long list of all such observations.

You can edit previous comments here for 28 days (ONLY), via the Pencil in the menu.
This saves deletion and the ensuing (post withdrawn by author)

ISpot nearly always changes the grid reference I type in. Why? This is an example, here:

For iSpot to register a typed GR it’s not sufficient just to type in the GR; you also have to move on to another field (either by use of the TAB key or by selecting a field by use of the mouse or other pointing device). If you first enter the location name, then type in the GR, and then select the next (Details) tab, iSpot will ignore your GR and presumably convert the location to a GR.

I’ve always increased the third number to cancel out any automatic decrease. It’s a tried and tested system that works for me. However, I’d always wondered why this was necessary. Now I understand. Thanks