What I think is now called a 'wtf moment'

You’re expected to use your imagination and wear it with pride :face_vomiting:

I didn’t think many iSpot users would be enthused by such an award, that’s all.

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That’s what I understood from you!

The same forum software is used in thousands of other systems for very different websites to iSpot, clearly they think that this kind of award would be appreciated by some people. The keep trying many tweeks, suspect they get a variety of feedback depending on the circumstance.

I didn’t know that - it makes some sort of sense now!

I think ‘awards’ should be made by Users, not machines - might that seem reasonable?
PlantNet would ID :blossom:Amadan as the rarest form of Dandelion and would mean it as a compliment. (I mean it as a compliment!)

The idea behind the various awards is to provide positive feedback for positive actions - a form of social engineering. Though looking at my collection of badges a third of them or for first use of a feature (emoji, flag, like, link, mention, onebox, quote); is this to encourage you to continue using the features, or to read the help to find more features that one might use.