What's going on

We appear to be rudderless. Take a moment to stray away from your normal pattern of browsing and look around
Difficulties abound - from New Zealand to Llanberis
Take this ('scuse m typoo)

And note there are very few people on-line, over half the 5 users - not guests, had never made an observation (this morning)
There are NO communications from Head Office, the Chief Exec, the Union Rep or HR.
What then is going on?

Lesser men would lose heart…
I do find it depressing: as I’ve noted before, I really miss seeing identifications, comments, and other input from absent “friends”.
It’s the lack of feedback for the “average” users that is perhaps most disappointing.
Just to remind me of the still-abundant gremlin population, I got the old “error logging in” message when I left this thread.