Whats happened while I've been away?

Hi everyone

I recently took a break from iSpot for a few months in the hopes that the technical problems would be sorted out in the meantime. I’m now working in the Drakensberg/Maluti area and would really like to post pics of the amazing plants and animals we have here. Just wondering if this would be worth my time (if my posts will get I.D’d) or if the same problems iSpot had still persist?


I’d say iSpot is largely back to working now. We’ve got track changes back (probably the most significant omission), carousels and links are working (except really old ones to ispot.co.uk) and generally stuff can be uploaded.

Still some features that people may not like (the current add association approach I find very annoying, but that’s a feature I dislike not an error) but overall yes the site functions again.

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It would be so nice if you’ll get your pics on - I find it as much fun to research my own IDs - so, you don’t have as many posts but the quality of your observations makes up for it.
I have been posting SA lichen pictures since 2012 - I very seldom get agreements - but the good agreements, ID’s and comments make me feel it’s worthwhile.
There have been lots of improvements to iSpot, I think, especially the Projects.
So even just posting your stuff should encourage others.
My favourite quote from a French lichen site “What is not shared is lost”

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Many of the SA community moved to iNat, I have also signed up there but it is quite different and I seldom use it. It just doesn’t have the feel of iSpot (well, what was iSpot before all the hassle). Think people just got a bit annoyed with the time it took to get requests fulfilled. I am myself have diverged attention elsewhere, like twitter and facebook groups in the time that the site was down, and now I have put more on my plate than I can handle! At least the activity tracker is active now, but in true IT upgrade style everything now requires just that one extra click, extra effort etc, i.e. feeling over-complicated (at least for me). But the site does seem faster.

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Hi Please email me urgently at [email protected] We have to prepare in case the Open University does not repatriate our data by 28 February. So far we have secured 76% of our observations.
Ta Tony