What's this? [and random characters to reach the minimum]

A new logo has appeared in my changes tracker:

What does it signify? Only posts from this user show it.
No at all concerned, just puzzled.

:white_check_mark:Take it as a reward for all the VALUABLE commenting you do​:white_check_mark:.
But it is in the title of that Post - a ‘must try’
Here https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/786941/gatekeeper-butterfly-female-
and mine https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/786671/campion-vases
I am not certain we should promote these!
But see https://graphemica.com/✅

I see the green tick boxes on the posts referred to, but do not understand the “Must try” comment.
The asci code site didn’t enlighten me any further.