Wildlife and how it’s used in things like games, animation and other things aswell

I don’t know if any one here knew this but if you erase the background in a photo the character becomes a sprite and you can move it to the background in a background photo of you have one and put it where you want and you can also give it commands like the use of blocks or other methods then it can perform specific actions and this way it can be turned into a game or an animation and nowadays it can be used for other things aswell


Here is a character from a photo I took with my camara. I have animated it to fly

To see it fly around you have to press the green flag







This sort of thing could be used for identification purposes and conservation purposes To show how the food chain works or teach people about different species and behaviours habitats and perhaps also climate change so it made me wonder if it in fact is used in games and animation for these purposes out there

I don’t know if you can see the animations or not but cause I have sent a link im hoping so. I don’t know if there’s any animation and games useing this sort of method for identification or conservation purposes but it does make you wonder

Nowadays it’s possible to make things from photos of Wildlife you have taken move. Basically the method is the use of blocks that have commands in them like walk, jump, fly, go forward, etc aparantly it’s a common technique.

there are other codeing techniques out there aswell though obviously. so in this day and age it’s possible to make sprites out of photos of Different species of Wildlife taken with a device or camera.

So cause of this it makes you wonder if say the technique could be used for identification and conservation purposes so it makes you wonder if this method of makeing wildlife from photos move and say things has been used for those purposes in this day and age yet cause of that

Let me know if The links work and you can see the page and if you can see the Wildlife from my photos move or not cause if not Il remove the link and find another way

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let’s see how others managed

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