Winter Tree ID course - Sat 16th Feb, Amersham, Bucks

Hey guys, it’s been a while… I kind of gave up on iSpot when the site was changed, as it was unbearably slow.

I’m quite out of touch with the forum rules now, and I can’t find a post with the posting rules, so here goes, and please delete this post if it breaks the rules.

The FSC - Field Studies Council - run tons of Natural History courses. Last Sat there was one booked on Winter Tree ID, which had to be cancelled due to the snow. It was fully booked months ago, but now the date has been changed, and not many of the original delegates can make the new date.

So there are plenty of spaces!

Book now!

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Good to know you’re still around!

Yes, me too, how nice…no excuses about speed, now you’re no longer using Dial-up!

D’aaw, thanks, guys, it’s good to see some familiar names still active. Dial up? I never was on dial-up!