Wondering if I have got this right

And if I have enough evidence to support an agreement.
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I’ll not bombard you with requests like this, but would appreciate feedback - good or bad

It is on this list https://herbarium.natsci.msu.edu/research/checklists/south-african-lichens/
but not sure how similar other Ramalinas are

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Thanks for that link - many familiar names on it. And glad to see Froden’s names are, I think, recognised.
Just a quick scan.
Yes, this name is there and I think matches the Swedish herbarium entry, from Italy with another name.

You’ve got me started - and this never ends - I was looking at Caloplaca and the one found in my Wirth guide (needs updating it seems)

A revised taxonomy for the subfamily Caloplacoideae (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycota) based on molecular phylogeny

Those Xanthorias they show image of look very similar to others, just wondering how long it will be before it is not possible to name species without molecular sampling.

Sorry - some are easy - like the ones that Froden explained to us, based on OUR location - now some names have changed - I’m spending quite a bit of time on the date when Priscilla and I covered the area from the R27 gate to Tzaarsbank; the day she went to get her sample of ‘Not a Lichen’ for John Manning. What fun we had!
New train of thought:
X. flammeum (L.f.) C. W. Dodge Almborn 1988b
( Dufourea flammea (L. f.) Ach.) is the name change on your list - now we have a name I just need to add a name to the observations. Slowly, slowly.

This extract from the 2013 paper -
"We recognize a large number of geographically delimited clades with clear centres of evolution, but often showing large variation in morphology and anatomy.
“The Teloschistaceae belongs to the order Teloschistales in the class Lecanoromycetes”
Nordic Journal of Botany 31: 016–083, 2013
I have it all on my computer, I think Patrik Frödén sent this to us, but not sure if it’s on line.
Then I think I have more on the newly identified species - all look like Xanthoria - maybe later!!