Workarounds to iSpot problems

It occurred to me that it would be useful to have a single place for solutions to hopefully temporary problems caused by the redesign of iSpot. So this is it.

Please don’t post anything else here, or its usefulness will quickly evaporate.

To avoid losing your place on Observations List:

1/ Open Observation List

2/ If you want to look at an observation, click on “View Full Observation” button using mouse wheel. This will open the observation in a new tab. .

3/ Identify, agree or comment on the observation as normal.

4/ When finished, close tab.

List will remain open at the point you left it.

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or get the programmers to fix the “View Full Observation” button so that it does this automatically, This was the function on the old site, and it had a special symbol if you moved your mouse over the button: a return with a wing. I have tried to find this symbol in the standard mouse symbols (when you hold your mouse over an item) but have been unable to do so. Unfortunately the tool-tips do not display if one does a screen save, so I dont have one to show you.
Bug #11 on bug list of currently 463 with about 10 fixed so far.

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Beat the ten picbarrier

NOOO!! BITCH BITCH BITCH. Why do they have this barrier? Why was it imposed?
Rather get it changed back to what it was!!!

Why is the user being ignored and sidelined by developers who have never used the site and dont even care???

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we need to take one step at a time (well two) - let’s get TRACK and CHANGES, then bitch, bitch, bitch. I’m indoors later to make a 20 Photo post.

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Has nobody had any response to their emails to the OU Vice-Chancellor (or indeed anyone)???

Yes: one of our Saffricans has a response that the issue (changes) was handed over to one of the Deans for urgent attention. I believe that action may have been taken, but dont know of any details.

A pity clicking on your name/icon does not take me to your iSpot profile …

That’s as vague and non-transparent as everything else here.
Hunting around for something tangible I found this from the OU:

"Jonathan Silvertown, Professor of Ecology at The Open University, who devised iSpot said: “iSpot has been a huge success since it launched four years ago. It astonishes me how iSpotters manage to identify 96% of the observations we get. And over half our observations are identified within an hour of posting!”
So maybe Prof Silvertown is the guy to write to, explaining how his baby has been wrecked … Maybe he cares?


Not that that would tell you much lol, but yes, each of us has two completely separate profiles, as far as i can make out - one for the forum and one for the ID area - kind of split-brain stuff, inter-communication seems to have ground to a halt

He is aware - iSpot was his baby. However, he has moved on and is now at Edinburgh University.

Works for me Tony - I’ve been stalking her for days

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I am not interested in stalking her on the forums: I want her on iSpot!!! How do I begin?

I would hate to encourage cyber-stalking but since I know you are a real person and no more peculiar than the rest of us, you can just click on the username in the main ispot pages. You can quickly find someone by user the filter observations function at (e.g)

How can you know if I am a real person? I dont even know if I am real! As for me being peculiar, how can you compare me to the rest of humanity? A rose smells just as sweat!

I assure you that I know how to stalk, track and hound, not to mention badger and insult. But I want to do it with one click, and not via a circuitous route that involves a hag, a wardrobe, a flying carpet and a journey around the moon.

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okay…only trying to help

Help appreciated. But I would far more prefer a few bug fixes!

Venting steam is not going to get us anywhere, but then are we getting anywhere anyway? Might as well pop a few rivets!.

This forum is going to be f…g useless if every post everyone makes is used to vent a frustration we all share, and people are pointlessly sarcastic at the expense of other users who bear no responsibility for that frustration. What’s the point, apart from upsetting people who aren’t responsible for the way those venting are feeling?

I’d hoped to start a list of all the workarounds that people like me can use to make life easier while we wait for the iSpot team to come up with some improvements. But this thread has, like every other one here, degenerated into a series of rants.

There are solutions for some of the problems that we all face but few people are going to want to wade through all the complaints and bitching to find them. We are where we are, and it would be better if we helped each other make the best of it.


The old iSPot forum was far superior in that regard with keeping topics and replies as separate threads so that one could easily figure out the new topics. This forum is rather linear and making it difficult to find new topics.

Also the forum has no hierarchy, so everything is rather flat. grouping similar topics into higher order pigeonholes is impossible.

The lack of headings in the comments and replies does not help either: there is nothing to catch the eye or alert one to a new item.

Anyone have any ideas on how we can do this? Perhaps using capital letters as “Headers” in the first line ???

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