World Giraffe day!

It’s World Giraffe day today - a magnificent animal that has declined rapidly in recent years but this isn’t always known - I thought if anyone had any observations it would be nice to post them. I’ve done one but would love to see others if people have them as a celebration of this unique creature.

I’ll nip over to Monks Wood later today and have a look: pretty sure there aren’t any at Woodwalton Fen…

You never know - they can be quite elusive lol!

Forgive my feeble humour.
Just had to interrupt iSpotting to deal with a minor domestic crisis (Kids had tipped the recycling bins over, so neighbours and I have been frantically repacking them before the bin men arrive!)
We have, of course, a local zoo (Hamerton) - but they have no giraffes of any kidney.

Here’s one of ‘mine’ (well, I asked a friend) from last year.


Absolutely nothing at all to apologise for - I found it funny! It was always a bit of a long shot as global obs, perhaps understandably, get far less interest. L

That’s lovely JoC - here’s mine:

Interestingly, mine doesn’t seem to show on the carousel when I go on yours - not sure why - I purposely only put genus as my obs includes a number of giraffes from different regions. It’s no doubt something I’ve done wrong - I can never get the hang of the iSpot dictionary!

Different Browsers, One in Southern Africa (SANBI Dictionary), the Other Global (CoL Dictionary).
And so the Other Obs are in separate drawers.
You have to ask (I have, many times) ‘please define what is Global in iSpot?’
Well anything that is not Southern Africa or UK&I and after 2013 - it’s a long and tortuous story.
Anyway Global sometimes covers all communities, as on the Home Page item “Help confirm global observations”

I see - thanks Dejay - helpful as always!

most recent giraffe I have, from video screenshot.

Thanks Mike - wonderful aren’t they.