World Oceon day interesting facts about Plastic and the ocean, how it affects Wildlife and how the process works

Theres a lot more to plastic than we would like to belive heres some very interesting facts about plastic and about the oceon

Cause I didn’t know it was world ocean open day I couldnt really post about it or anything so it’s Basically interesting facts from world ocean day I hope people find it interesting.

Plastic looks awful when it is dumped and one or two bits do cause injury to wildlife.
No scientist has ever identified an injury caused by a microscopic particle. They always say “may cause” as there job has not been completed.
The scientists may have spotted what have spotted.
Human office workers have been gnawing at disposable ball point pens for between 50 and 70 years and I am yet to hear of an incident where a human has been harmed by anything less than a complete top or other large part.
I have worked in technical trades where I have to be observant and in this case gnawed ball point pens stood out and lead me to look them up on the internet to see when they were invented and allowed a couple of years for them to come to market and that is where my 50 to 70 years comes from.

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