Yet more favourites - June 2022 and on

Time, I think to start a new thread if these (should it be biannual, or quarterly?)
This from someone whose posts are always worth a good look:

Good observing, and an interesting, informative discussion.

:rosette: New thread - thanks

Begins NEXT WEEK only 79 Observations last year

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I am again reviewing over 500 projects for the Curator, with the view to indexing valuable ones
This (my day fave) was included in a project that was formed to collect Observations made on railway property. The project is lapsed, the user gone, there are only 5 tagged Observations.


Both superb examples of behaviour.


Focus from a distance - a tribute to Amadan and Leica
Gorgeous detail. Check it out extra full size.

Carl Zeiss, not Leica. I use the RX 10 most of the time. The TZ goes on work parties, surveys, and so on.
There would have been a post, with some interesting (to me) and informative (to others) shots of a hybrid Willowherb that was keyed out in situ by two very good botanists on the last survey. But the TZ decided that it would not focus on anything I wanted. Trying to keep up with the discussion meant that I didn’t realise it till later.

Sometimes it is worth a little deep browsing
I found this " …and a few of us spent our tea break out by the river to see if a male would be attracted."
It’s from here

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I suspect that many more of the posts highlighted by ‘:heart:iFocus: Best Foot Forward!’ would qualify for some sort of recognition: for that reason alone, it was a great choice of subject.
But oh, the missing iSpotters turning up in them…

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Perhaps a bad time to add a July Favourite but I have